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Celebrating Mother's Day with Jessie Murphy

Find out how new Mum Jessie Murphy is celebrating her first Mother's Day with baby Max.
How are you celebrating your first Mother's Day?
"Marc, Max and I will be enjoying lunch together and then i will be seeing my own Mum and Mother in Law for dinner. Celebrating with two special Women in our lives!"
What have you learnt since becoming a Mum?
"Patience, the joy of watching your own little one grow and change... But also that you can no longer go to the bathroom without interruptions!"
What does it mean to be a mum to you?
"Being a Mum is like no other feeling in the world, it has its challenges and rewards, but the rewards far outweighs the challenges"
What's the most valuable piece of advise you've ever received from your Mum?
"Never wake a sleeping baby!"

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