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If you are destined for a career in the fashion industry, KOOKAÏ holds endless opportunities for you.

Whether you join the team as a Sales Assistant, Store Manager or part of Head Office, we hold a strong emphasis on teamwork and our people. Our culture is unbeatable with high levels of staff engagement and retention.

We support our team to develop in their area of interest and strongly drive internal promotions throughout the company. Over 55% of our Melbourne Head Office team have been succession planned from our boutiques. The KOOKAÏ HQ in Melbourne is one of the four global hubs of our family-owned business, where our passionate and close-knit team work together to support our retail boutiques and bring the KOOKAÏ vision to life.

The sky is the limit at KOOKAÏ with prospects for new and exciting opportunities to be introduced, as our business progresses in the world of fashion. We would love for you to be a part of our wonderful family.

You will contribute to helping break the cycle of poverty in Fiji / bringing about long-lasting meaningful change through our Katalyst Foundation, as well as improving the environmental impact through sustainable choices.

Some of the incredible benefits of pursuing a career with KOOKAÏ are included in our position descriptions below, under vacancies.


The KOOKAÏ values shape our culture and ethos as a business and team.

Our company values were calibrated through collaboration and teamwork. Across experience, personal reflection and alignment our Store Managers and Retail Leaders came together to distinguish key words that define, shape and encompass what is most important to us.